In May, 2014, two new friends joined our farm, sisters Betty and Judy, heritage breed tamworth sows, who launched the beginning of our pig adventures.  Betty and Judy delivered 15 healthy piglets in the summer of 2014.  In the spring of 2015, 5 certified organic piglets from Kingbird Farms in Ithaca, NY joined the passel.  Our pigs are raised on pasture and have access to the woods and their natural environment.USDA Organic logo We transport our pigs to a Certified Organic and Animal Welfare Approved butcher in Pennsylvania. Our smoked pork, including bacon and ham is nitrate-free.  Sandbrook Meadow Farm Certified Organic Pork is available in the pick-up center during our CSA pick-up hours and other specified times.




Boneless Chops


Bone-in Chops


Pork Fat


Pork Shoulder






Andouille Sausage


Sweet Italian Sausage


Hot Sausage


Breakfast Sausage 


Chorizo Sausage


Sliced Ham Steaks (2/pack)


Daisy Ham (about 3.5# each)